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At Dubé Loiselle, communication with our clientele is at the heart of every transaction. We transform a need into a pleasant, stimulating, and efficient experience.

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We are the proud ambassadors of local food

Our values

Our values of authenticity and transparency make us a profoundly human company. Seeing the big picture while paying attention to detail, building trust while listening to the other party, opining in an informed manner while respecting diverging perspectives; these are all qualities inherent to a stimulating working environment.

Team Work
Respect & Listening
Guided by family values

Message from the president

A proud Quebec-based food distributor

Dubé Loiselle offers impeccable customer service driven by family and human values. Evolving, adapting, and satisfying food industry standards are sizeable challenges to which we rise year after year. Founded in 1948, the words “dynamism” and “creativity” accurately summarize the company’s operations. We possess numerous tools for reaching out to our clientele, either via our online buying platform, our interactive Website, our “À Votre Table” magazine and at the Salon alimentaire printanier.

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, and employees for contributing to our corporate growth.

Daniel Lachapelle

220 suppliers
1M KM per year
24 specialized trucks
3 distribution centres

Numbers that speak for themselves

Dubé Loiselle has more than 8,500 products in regular inventory which we source from 220 partner suppliers. We keep a close relationship with each of them in order to optimize the products we support, and at the best possible price. Each privileged relationship we have with our partners allows us to benefit our customers, because the customer is at the heart of our values.

Our 24 trucks, designed with two temperature zones allow us to deliver dry, frozen, refrigerated and fresh products on time, and in optimal storage conditions. Each year we travel over one million kilometers to serve our customers within 250 kilometers of our distribution centers. Everyone's requirements are at the heart of the transaction and we strive to always meet them. Our dynamic team of transport ambassadors are experts and know our customers by name. Willing to respect the specificities of each, the delivery of orders is always done with the aim of not disturbing the operations of our customers.

We operate in 3 separate distribution centers located in the city of Granby. Our distribution center on Dufferin Street, where our administrative services are located, is actually a giant 21,000 square foot freezer with a maximum height of 30 feet. Adjacent to this freezer is a 6,500 square foot refrigerator. The loading dock is also kept at a low temperature so as not to break the cold zone when loading or unloading goods. Our distribution center on Moeller Street is where dry products are kept that do not require refrigeration or freezing. This 45,000 square foot warehouse gives us all the space we need to keep sufficient quantities of products and to promote their rotation in order to always offer food of optimal freshness. As for our center on rue Guy, it is dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables. With a floor space of approximately 5,000 square feet, it allows us to maintain a sufficient assortment of perishable products to meet the needs of each of our customers.

At Dubé Loiselle, all our efforts are directed towards the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our History


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1948

Dubé Loiselle launches operations under its owners, Jean-Marie Dubé and Maurice Loiselle. The company is initially based at 310 avenue du Parc, in Granby, and it remains at this address until 1986. The company’s main retail products are tobacco and sweets.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1962

Dubé Loiselle expands its market to include institutional clients, adding a new niche. The company gains a reputation as a wholesaler thanks to its extensive product variety.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1970

Acquisition of the Provencher & Frères distribution franchise from Waterloo in the Eastern Townships, which expands the company’s distribution territory.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1975

The company makes an important decision by becoming a shareholder of Colabor Canada (1973) Ltd., a Quebec-based purchasing group, and Itwal, a Canadian purchasing group.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1980

A 6,000 sq. ft. expansion is necessary for growth to continue and to integrate the distribution of new products, including frozen foods. The delivery service now includes 5 trucks and the company boasts 25 employees.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1982

The company acquires Distribution Fortin of Saint-Hilaire. Growth and territory expansion continue.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1983

Major changes for the company and its employees: computer software is created to improve the efficiency of the distribution and purchasing systems.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1986

A major turning point: Dubé Loiselle acquires at 30,000 sq. ft. building located at 635 rue Duvernay, in Granby. The number of employees increases to 35.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1990

The company joins the Mouska purchasing group and launches a private brand creation initiative.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1993

Claude Lachapelle, Daniel Lachapelle and Robert Robitaille acquire Dubé Loiselle shares and breathe new life into the company.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 1998

Dubé Loiselle now boasts a workforce of 56. Ten trucks outfitted with freezer units cover a 150 km radius served by 10 sales advisors. The company begins penetrating the Island of Montréal and developing of business partnerships with provincial and national accounts.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2001

A third acquisition, specifically of Distribution Luc Lauzon in Lac-Mégantic, further expands the territory. The shareholders make a major investment in the modernization of an 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse for the storage of frozen and refrigerated foods. Located at 583 rue Dufferin, this purchase mobilizes the company to continue to grow its frozen product line.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2003

The company merges with Distribution Brunelle Inc. of Varennes, instantly expanding its territory to cover a 250 km radius. It now extends to Montréal’s *North Shore.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2005

The company’s senior executives, Sylvain Lamontagne, Pierre Ouellette, Gaétan Brunelle, Daniel Lachapelle, Richard Guindon et Sylvain Inkel, purchase holdings as company shareholders.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2006

The shareholders move forward with a second major investment by expanding the distribution centre on rue Dufferin to prepare for the relocation of the administration offices. The total surface area of the two distribution centres is now 80,000 sq. ft. The company continues to grow by extending ervice to Montréal North.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2007

Dubé Loiselle now boasts a team of 130 employees, with a fleet of 18 trucks equipped with freezer units on the road.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2008

The administrative centre moves from rue Duvernay to the third floor of the distribution centre on rue Dufferin. More space and a better office configuration optimize the work area. Out of respect for the environment, the offices are heated using a recovery system from the freezer cooling system circulating through the floors. Similarly, the IT server room is cooled by capturing the cold air from the refrigerated section of the warehouse and pushing it into the server room, providing a virtually infinite cooling source.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2009

Dubé Loiselle adopts an action plan to leave a healthy planet behind for future generations. Environmentally conscious, Dubé Loiselle implements a sustainable development committee that holds the company accountable for the energy it expends during operations. Myriad actions are taken and analyzed to ensure adherence to the values inherent to this program. From the production of promotional items to transportation logistics, Dubé Loiselle does everything in its power to leave a healthy, thriving environment! The development of a green space on the outskirts of the distribution centre on rue Dufferin helped to promote this action plan.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2010

Dubé Loiselle unveils its brand-new signature with the launch of its new logo at the Salon Colabor held on September 25, 2010. A distinct and modern image with warm, vibrant, and striking colours and dynamic shapes, reflects the nature of the services offered. Furthermore, the addition of the hook, “From our table to yours”, is inspired by the desire to nurture client relationships. By withdrawing the word “and” from the corporate signature, Dubé Loiselle gains strong and memorable positioning. During this image revamp, Dubé Loiselle launches its new transactional website and publishes the first issue of the “À votre table” magazine published four times a year, with a circulation of 4,000 copies.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2010

Dubé Loiselle relocates its dry goods operations to a new warehouse located at 909 rue Moeller, in Granby. A distribution centre covering 45,000 sq. ft. increases storage space, providing an additional 1,100 pallet positions. Moreover, Dubé Loiselle benefits from this change to convert all the remaining space in its warehouse on rue Dufferin into freezers. This space increase and 7,000 sq. ft. conversion results in a gain of 678 pallet positions.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2011

Dubé Loiselle acquires select assets from L.J. Trempe (central Quebec distribution), a Sorel company. This enhances the Dubé Loiselle distribution network. To ensure that the retail clients obtained with the acquisition stay in the right hands, Dubé Loiselle signs a distribution contract with Jean-Paul Beaudry, a company in Montréal East that secures the existing retail clientele, thereby prompting the optimization of the services offered to this client base.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2011

Dubé Loiselle announces the acquisition of grocery products from Montréal distributor, T. Lauzon. This transaction is tremendously beneficial to the company, allowing it to gain strength across the metropolitan region.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2011

Intent on demonstrating its commitment to the environment and to preserving a healthy planet for future generations, Dubé Loiselle announces a distribution agreement with Laboratoires Choisy ltée. This company develops, designs, and sells professional hygiene products for a healthy environment.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2012

Dubé Loiselle launches a major campaign to launch its new private brand. MAISON is a name reserved for products that advantageously compare to national brands, are priced lower, and offer an excellent quality/price ratio. The MAISON brand offers flavourful, consistent, and economical products that never compromise.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2013

65 years in operation, 150 employees, 3,500 clients, and over 200 suppliers. The company never ceases to grow. To underscore this major milestone, Dubé Loiselle organizes activities allowing the different corporate partners to interact and have fun while forging bonds to build the future. A trip on the Orford Express, the return of the “Les prix sont justes” (The Price is Right), lunchboxes for employees, creation of a recipe book in partnership with our clients and suppliers, and a book celebrating the 65 year history of the company in images were special touches that added to the adventure.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2014

Opening of the fresh fruit and vegetable distribution centre at 525 rue Guy, in Granby. Boasting a capacity of 4,900 sq. ft., this space is exclusively dedicated to storing perishable items. Dubé Loiselle also acquires the assets of the HRI division of Chambly-based Aliments Sylvain Pelletier, a fresh fruit and vegetable distributor on Montréal’s South Shore, as well as the HRI division of Granby-based Jardin du mont de Granby, a fruit and vegetable distributor in the Granby/Bromont region.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2016

Dubé Loiselle changes owners and is acquired by Robert J. Briscoe.


Dubé Loiselle - Heritage 2021

Dubé Loiselle now boasts more than 185 employees who are dedicated to efficiently serving its clientele with an inventory of 8,500 products from 220 suppliers. Products including fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, cheese, groceries, frozen foods, meat, fish, seafood, as well as packaging and maintenance products: these items are delivered daily to more than 3,800 clients inside a 250-kilometre radius.

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A leader in food distribution, Dubé Loiselle offers you everything you need to successfully run your business. We have known the food industry since 1948: we understand the challenges you face. That's why we keep the products you need in stock, in sufficient quantity and in optimal conditions for resale.



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Always at the forefront, since 2010 we have had a transactional site that facilitates online orders. We are always on the lookout for new technologies to make our user experience ever more efficient and tailored to the needs of our customers. Soon, orders can even be generated automatically based on your purchasing habits!


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We have among our ranks a corporate chef who is always ready to help our customers. Whether through targeted training or personalized advice, our chef will guide you. Our development officers and in-house representatives are experts and together have hundreds of years of experience in the food industry.

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Value added products to simplify your cooking. Fresh products to enhance your recipes. Select products from us to you, for all budgets.

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Directeur des ventes
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Spécialiste fruits et légumes
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Mélanie Roy

Coordonnatrice ventes internes
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Sophie Tardif

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Directeur des achats
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Chef négociateur
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Superviseur de soir Dufferin
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Daniel Lachapelle

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Gaétan Brunelle

Vice président ventes et achats
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Vice président finances et informatique
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Directeur informatique
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Caroline Leblanc

Directrice ressources humaines
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Nancy Joubert

Directrice du crédit
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Directrice marque privée et structure de prix
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Responsable des soumissions
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Responsable comptes payables
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Chef corporatif
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Coordonnatrice marketing
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Patricia Pugliese

Comptes payables
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"Creative Company"

New ideas are always welcome and creativity is at the heart of my work at Dubé Loiselle. It is motivating to have an open-minded employer who advocates continuous training and new skills. It allows me to constantly renew myself and evolve.

Marie-Ève Corporate chef for 8 years

"A company that listens"

In these pandemic times, adjustments to work schedules are considered in a favorable manner while respecting individual realities.

Louis IT director for 10 years

"Inclusive Company"

At Dubé Loiselle, you have a feeling of belonging, a team spirit, a common goal. I am always proud to be part of this great Quebec company which represents my values 100%.

Annie Development agent for 10 years

"A people first company"

My employer encourages me to excel in my hobbies! I feel supported by the whole family.

Manon - Ironman Director of pricing structure

"A sensible company"

A company that is open to difference since management allows me to come to work with my autistic boy's service dog. Thank you very much for your support!

Mathieu Buyer for 3 years

"Warm and welcoming company"

15 years already gone by. Throughout these years, what impressed me the most was the human side of Dubé Loiselle. It was very enriching to meet all these great people! Thank you Dubé Loiselle

Michel Development agent for 15 years

"Healthy working environemnt"

Harmonious atmosphere, respect, mutual aid and trust, words that clearly define the values of the company. The encouragement that we receive for our successes is very rewarding. Dubé Loiselle allows me to surpass myself every day and give the best of myself while contributing to the success of the company.

Bianca Development agent for 6 years